Greenbizz participates in the 7-in-1 Online Symposium

The Greenbizz Project participates in the Online 7-in-1 Symposium

The Overall Objective of the Symposium 7 -In- 1 is to open discussions on innovation and its commercialization through a strong partnership between industries and academia as well as on modern practices and methodologies in cross-/multi-/interdisciplinary areas such as social science, technology and Businesses.

Date and time: 21-22 June 2021,  from 09:00 CET

The Greenbizz part is:

12.20-14.05 Session 8: GreenBizz
Session Chair: Peter Lindgren, CGC, Denmark


  • 12:20-12:35 “The Era of Industry 5.0 –Technologies from No Recognizable H-M Interface to HeartyTouch Personal Products”, Kapil Dev, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • 12:35-12:50 “6G Networks for Next Generation of Digital TV beyond 2030”
    Paulo Sergio Rufino Henrique, Spideo, France
  • 12:50-13:05 “Virtualized, Open and Intelligent: The Evolution of the Radio Access Network”
    Vladimir Poulkov, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 13:05-13:20 “Taking VLC technology from the lab to the market”
    Ana Garcia Armada, University Carlos III Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  • 13:20-13:35 “5G antenna optimization”
    Pavlos Lazaridis, University of Huddersfield, UK
  • 13:35-13:50 “Radios as Sensors for Smart Life”
    Ernestina Cianca, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
  • 13:50-14:05 “CGC: An Inclusive Knowledge Home Nurturing Innovation for and with Society”
    Didoe Prevedourou, HAEC, Greece

In research Centre CGC we are ready to participate the Online event at ZOOM

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