Global Startup Awards: A grand Finale and promising green Startups

On 17th November 2021 The Circus Building (Cirkusbygningen) in Copenhagen hosted a spectacular event to celebrate Startups and Startup ecosystems that have done an extraordinary job.

The Global Startup Awards that has Greenbizz as a partner, had participants from more than 4 continents and 100 countries participating in the competition.

This year there was a special focus on Startups that contribute to a greener and more sustainable world and the new award-category ‘Best Green Tech Startup’ was introduced. This year’s winner of the award was ‘Biolive’ that produces antimicrobial and antioxidant bioplastic granules from olive seeds as an alternative to petrol-based plastics. Read more about Biolive here and this incredible initiative.


Startup of the Year is Voi

The winner of the main category ‘Startup of the Year’ was Voi. which was founded in Sweden in 2018 and now operates in more than 70 cities across 12 countries. They offer mobility-services in form of shared electric scooters and e-bikes with a mission of providing sustainable and green alternatives to traditional transportation. Read about Voi. here to learn more about their journey and what they have achieved so far.

Creating synergy between academia and businesses

The Global Startup Awards also creates space to network and engage with different actors and amongst the participants there were representatives from businesses, governmental organs as well as academia. A great platform to share, develop ideas and learn from each other.

Associate Professor Sofoklis Kyriazakos Aarhus University, who presented one of the awards and has a vast experience working with and studying Startups said: ‘’The synergy between academia and businesses can provide great opportunities to create new green business models. Here Startups play an important role with their unique mindsets and creativity.’’


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