Harpa Reykjavik Iceland

The Greenbizz project awards prizes at the Nordic Startup Award 2022

The Nordic Startup Awards is a unique series of events in the Nordic countries.

This year the Nordic Startup Awards toke place at HARPA Iceland – MAY 18TH, where the Greenbizz project is involved in the jury work and awards prizes at the event.

“The aim of the Nordic Startup Awards is to inspire, stimulate and recognise entrepreneurship throughout the Nordic region, whilst connecting a community of startup enthusiasts, serial entrepreneurs and mentors from diverse and complementing backgrounds. Not only focusing on the successful startups, but on the entire Startup ecosystem – from the investors to the founders and the developers” NSA.

The Greenbizz project specifically targets the Startups with the aim that Startups see themselves as green businesses from the moment they are founded. The Greenbizz project focuses on working with Startup businesses in the startup environment in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The Greenbizz project also participated November 2021 in the Nordic Startup Award in Copenhagen, as the jury to award the most green startup business in the Nordic region. The Greenbizz project has continued this collaboration and is again involved in the jury work with the aim to use this knowledge for a Greenbizz article on Green Business Model innovation in the Startup Environments and Startups in the Nordics.

The CGC presentation is at 28 min. in the video in here.

The Nordic Start Up Award report 

Thuvarakai Kandasamy and Rita Madsen CGC at Nordic NSA 

Harpa Photo by William Warby, Flickr. Other photos by Nordic Startup Award

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