Greenbizz projects is an EU funded project supported by Interreg.
Through research of green business models, the project seeks to blur borders and work across these.

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GREENBIZZ aims to increase the use of renewable energy in relation to the total energy consumption of start-ups and SMEs using new, green business models. By developing new green business model technology, the project will be able to continuously measure, quantify and thereby increase the use of renewable energy, not just in the individual company, but in the entire company’s value chain. This will be achieved through a research collaboration between start-ups and SMEs, industry organizations and universities in the KASK area.


UN World Goals in mind

One of the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development is the goal no. 7: “Sustainable energy” because society as a whole and thus companies are dependent on energy sources, at the moment fossil energy sources, which means large emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2. UN Objective 7 focuses precisely on “significantly increasing the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix” by 2030.

We Cross Borders

Chalmers University of Technology

Project Lead

CGC is a global and collaborative interdisciplinary independent non-profit organization with a robust worldwide research, academic and industrial network.

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