We Cross Borders

Digital Business Lab

A prototype of a digital business lab to help startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) develop green business models has just seen the light of day.
In February 2021, the craftsmen set up the hexagonal prototype lab on the premises of the CGC Research Center, Aarhus University in Herning. Once the lab has been tested and refined, the researchers behind the lab are ready to send another seven labs out to Denmark, Norway and Sweden. By the autumn of 2022, a total of 30 Nordic labs will be available and targeted at the business development of 60 Nordic startups and SMEs. But the plan is that all interested businesses can book into a digital lab and get help to get started with business development.

The GREENBIZZ Logo Design and Symbolics

The Greenbizz logo is designed by Xingyu Zhu inspired by the Multi Business Model Innovation Approach by Prof. Peter Lindgren.
The logo design process started with the large Butterfly System (the hourglass) showing that a business always exist with its Business Model Ecosystem.
The Butterfly System is combined with the BeeStar Model showing the seven dimensions in a business model.
A business always have more than one business models, and in each business model 7 Business Model dimensions and a magnitude of Business Model Components. A business can innovate on 7 Business Model innovations levels.
The green colour that change from dark to light green in the logo illustrates the Business Model Analyse, Innovation and transformation process over time.
The logo thus illustrates that a business and its related business models, either AS IS Business Models or TO BE Business Models most often need time to become Greener, starting with e.g. AS IS black energy Business Models to TO BE renewable energy, Green Business Models.


With the UN World Goals in mind, the GREENBIZZ project aims to increase the use of renewable (green) energy in relation to the total energy consumption of start-ups and SMEs using new, green business models. By developing new green business model technology, the project will be able to continuously measure, quantify and thereby increase the use of renewable (green) energy, not just in the individual business, but in the entire business’s value chain. This will be achieved through a research collaboration between start-ups and SMEs, industry organizations and universities in the ØKS-area

Hogskolan Halmstad

Greenbizz projects is an EU funded project supported by Interreg.
Through research of green business models, the project seeks to blur borders and work across these.