The GREENBIZZ project takes place in the period 1st of March 2020 – 30th of September 2022

The project aims to help startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with:


To reduce the company's total energy consumption 10-15%


And/or convert to more renewable energy (Green energy) 10-15% of the total energy consumption


Reduction of CO2 emissions due to the above


Set up a green business model dashboard that continuously measures the parameters of the green business model on how green a business is

The GREENBIZZ objectives are:

Develop new green business models for - and in collaboration with - SMEs , start-ups and business consultants

Develop new tools for green business development and measurement

Recruit and enter into new formalized collaborations with 60 Startups and SMEs across national borders, and collaborate with projects, consultants, companies and municipalities

Develop 15 new Best Practice cases on "Renewable Energy Conversion"
Communicate in Green Business Modeling research articles, reports, seminars, green business models course, conferences and workshops on Renewable Energy Conversion, application, process and results.

Develop a new subject at master's level in green business models based on the project's experience.
Develop three «Green Innovation camps» with 24 companies as a collaboration arena for companies, researchers and students

Businesses participating in the GREENBIZZ project gets access to:

New knowledge about how a Business can reduce energy consumption and increase the share of green energy in relation to the business’s total energy consumption.

Access to new models and tools for green business model analysis and innovation

Setting up new green business model measuring technology and tools

Opportunity to work in - and contribute to the development of new Green Business Model Labs


Access to GREEN Business Model Labs in your local area. These Labs are a unique locally based platform for Greenbizz activities, such as knowledge sharing and business meetings - new collaborations in order to develop Green Business Models and visualization of renewable energy forms and the increase thereof.


Access to Green Business Model Labs as central prototypes and test sites for Greenbizz research in the ÖKS region, and after completing the project, they will continue and be further developed as green hotspots for all interested companies.


Access to newly developed GBM tools in the Labs, tools that support and document your company's work with restructuring - and increase the company's use of renewable energy sources. Tools that visualize CO2 footprints and the conversion of forms of energy.


As business you can contribute with your practice knowledge and practice experience to the GREENBIZZ project's development of a new Green Business Model analysis and method.


In the cooperation you will work with programs/tools for Green Business Model analysis and methodology, including company case analysis, workshops, seminars and cross-Nordic business collaboration in 26 new GREENBIZZ Business Model Labs in the ÖKS region.


You will increase knowledge of and competence in reorganizing/developing green business models by participating in the development and testing of new green teaching modules on: Green Business Model Analysis and Innovation


An employee can be offered training in Green Business Model analysis and method, and as a consultant subsequently act as a process coach in analysis and development of green business models

Your business contributes with practice knowledge and experience

The collaboration process provides


Help with energy conversion and green energy conversion


Mapping and analysis of the company's energy consumption and energy type (black or green energy), including CO2 footprint for the company's business models using LCA analysis.


Help to develop your existing business models to become greener - and the opportunity to develop and implement new Green Business Models.


Opportunity to increase the use of green energy in relation to the total energy consumption - not just in your own company, but in the entire company's value chain.

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