We Cross Borders

Morsø Erhvervsråd

Morsø Erhvervsråd (Business Council) located Nykøbing Mors in Denmark, cooperates with the Project Greenbizz. Morsø Erhvervsråd wants to help the business community with the green transition, and therefore Morsø Erhvervsråd has chosen to get a digital Greenbizz Lab with associated tools as an additional offer to businesses in Nykøbing Mors and surrounding areas. Morsø Erhvervsråd invites businesses for business counseling – analysis and innovation in their Greenbizz Lab. Here the businesses get a visual overview of the business’s status, weaknesses, strengths, and new values as a result of green transition become visible to the business. Morsø Erhvervsråd helps with an analytical and visual basis for the business’s green business case.

Frontego A/S

Frontego A/S supplies quality products to the kitchen and fixtures industry and participates in the Greenbizz project for green business development. Frontego A/S wants to contribute to the green agenda in society, and they also see an interest from customers who start to focus on sustainable products. As part of the Greenbizz project, the energy consumption of the machines in production is monitored by sensors that measure energy data in real time. Data from the measurements is expected to be used to optimise energy consumption and as a decision-making tool when replacing machines in production. In addition, Frontego A/S has participated in Greenbizz Green Innovation Camp II, where students have worked on optimising the packaging of Frontego’s products.

Green Innovation Camp II

Green Innovation Camps focuses on bridging education and business development – creating networks between students and businesses. Green Innovation camp II took place at Business Skive in Denmark. Here, 36 Nordic students received a lecture followed by Business visits and intense work with company cases, which were presented on the last day of the camp. The participating companies saw good solutions on their company cases.

Green Innovation Camp

Green Innovation Camp focuses on bridging education and business development – creating networks between students and businesses.
The business community needs much more green knowledge, and the educations need contact with the business community’s very specific business cases.
That is why the Green Innovation camp brings students and businesses together in collaboration on the green transition. The businesses have the right business cases and come with real challenges and the students bring knowledge and tools to green business development.

Salling Autogenbrug

As a kick start to green conversion, the Danish business Salling Autogenbrug held a Greenbizz workshop, where cars were disassembled, all the way down to foam from car seats. Time was taken, data was collected, sorted, and analyzed on the  different materials that come out of a disassembled car. The purpose is to gain insight into the different materials found in used cars – materials that may be part of new production processes. The purpose of the workshop was to investigate and clarify Salling Autogenbrug’s current business models, regarding to develop new green business models.

The GREENBIZZ Logo Design and Symbolics


  • Take a G
  • Take a triangle
  • Take a butterfly
  • Choose two colors – green and black
  • All combined by Chinese architect and master student Xingyu Zhu into a logo for the Greenbizz project

The Greenbizz Logo shows with lines and colours the logic of the whole project – to get businesses to change from black to green business models.

Research Project GREENBIZZ

The research project “Greenbizz” supported by the EU, is a collaboration between Halmstad University in Sweden, Østfold University College in Norway and CGC Research Center at the Department of Business Development and Technology at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University.
The purpose of the Greenbizz project is to empower start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in increasing the use of renewable energy solutions. The project focuses on SMEs and start-ups because several studies show that these businesses have the greatest need for support to restructure and thus increase the use of renewable energy.
Many businesses see the potential in a green transition. According to studies, however, the challenge is that businesses lack the tools to get started and knowledge of how/where in the company it is best to make the green investments.
This is where “Greenbizz” provides solutions. Grenbizz recruits 60 SMEs and start-ups spread across Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, and through close collaboration with the businesses, each business will analyse and develop new green business models and technologies. See the webcast interview.


With the UN World Goals in mind, the GREENBIZZ project aims to increase the use of renewable (green) energy in relation to the total energy consumption of start-ups and SMEs using new, green business models. By developing new green business model technology, the project will be able to continuously measure, quantify and thereby increase the use of renewable (green) energy, not just in the individual business, but in the entire business’s value chain. This will be achieved through a research collaboration between start-ups and SMEs, industry organizations and universities in the ØKS-area

Hogskolan Halmstad

Greenbizz projects is an EU funded project supported by Interreg.
Through research of green business models, the project seeks to blur borders and work across these.