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The Global Startup Awards Grand Finale 2021 November 17

The Greenbizz project participates in the Global Startup Awards Grand Finale 2021 – a glamourous award show, that will disclose the best of the best startups, individuals, VCs, coworking spaces, accelerator or incubator programs from all over the world, and award the Global Winners of Season 2020.
You are welcome to join the evening Grand Final – program and tickets


NOVEMBER 16, 2021Networking Event
The Greenbizz Project participates in the Global Startup Awards and DI´s invite-only networking event.

This event hosted in the elegant Danish Industry building, will bring together Regional Winners, Investors, Corporate and Government Partners, Jury members, Ambassadors, and former winners from different regions.
The event will focus on the relevance of green innovation and how to push society in a greener direction, thus, contributing to Denmark’s Green Future and the rest of the world’s green agenda.

The GREENBIZZ Logo Design and Symbolics


  • Take a G
  • Take a triangle
  • Take a butterfly
  • Choose two colors – green and black
  • All combined by Chinese architect and master student Xingyu Zhu into a logo for the Greenbizz project

The Greenbizz Logo shows with lines and colours the logic of the whole project – to get businesses to change from black to green business models.

Research Project GREENBIZZ

The research project “Greenbizz” supported by the EU, is a collaboration between Halmstad University in Sweden, Østfold University College in Norway and CGC Research Center at the Department of Business Development and Technology at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University.
The purpose of the Greenbizz project is to empower start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in increasing the use of renewable energy solutions. The project focuses on SMEs and start-ups because several studies show that these businesses have the greatest need for support to restructure and thus increase the use of renewable energy.
Many businesses see the potential in a green transition. According to studies, however, the challenge is that businesses lack the tools to get started and knowledge of how/where in the company it is best to make the green investments.
This is where “Greenbizz” provides solutions. Grenbizz recruits 60 SMEs and start-ups spread across Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, and through close collaboration with the businesses, each business will analyse and develop new green business models and technologies. See the webcast interview.


With the UN World Goals in mind, the GREENBIZZ project aims to increase the use of renewable (green) energy in relation to the total energy consumption of start-ups and SMEs using new, green business models. By developing new green business model technology, the project will be able to continuously measure, quantify and thereby increase the use of renewable (green) energy, not just in the individual business, but in the entire business’s value chain. This will be achieved through a research collaboration between start-ups and SMEs, industry organizations and universities in the ØKS-area

Hogskolan Halmstad

Greenbizz projects is an EU funded project supported by Interreg.
Through research of green business models, the project seeks to blur borders and work across these.